According to Science: Ice Cream and Babies


For better results, eat ice cream for breakfast.

According to a study conducted by Professor Yoshihiko Koga at Kyorin University, subjects who ate ice cream immediately after waking up had faster response times and more brainwave activity than those who did not or those who drank cold water instead. Apparently, cold sugar really perks you up. Maybe this is just proof that eating breakfast is important.  Or that all those 700 calorie “coffee” drinks are not all bad. I’m not ready to start serving ice cream (or Starbucks) to my kids for breakfast but maybe I should. Remember the study that found that eating a brownie for breakfast helped subjects with weight loss?

Brownie sundae = skinny and smart. Mmmm. Now that’s some science I can get behind.




For greater happiness, have a whole bunch of kids.

An Australian study conducted by Dr. Bronwyn Harman of Edith Cowan found that the happiest parents are those that have four or more children. What?!?! Yes.  After spending five years researching what types of families are most content, Harman found that despite the extra expense and added chaos, parents of four or more children reported the most satisfaction with their lives. It seems that this was because her subjects spent a lot of time and energy, purposefully growing their families. And found that the joy they experienced in having more children balanced out some of the negative factors, like having less disposable income.

I had an interesting conversation with my amazing OBGYN (who happens to be a high school friend of my husband) about this just the other day.  We agreed that, anecdotally at least, that having easy babies translated into having more of them.  Of course, having an infant who eats and sleeps well, and doesn’t cry too much is reason alone to be happy. I know I’ve been lucky in that sense.

What do you think? Does this convince you to have more kids? I still can’t believe I have four, but I’m definitely happy about it.*

*Ask me again in 13 years. 

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