The Hygge Life: Snow Days

What do you do when it snows?

I have a friend who lives in Finland with her husband and two kids.  Apparently, they take off the wheels and put sled bottoms on all of the strollers in the winter there. It’s just how they roll – or don’t roll – when it starts to get cold.  I love how people who live in cold climates keep on keeping on when the weather is bad. Snow makes me want to hibernate – which is coinciding well with having a December baby.  But I live in Chicago. Sometimes I think I need to figure out how to embrace the cold weather more.

Five Ideas for a Snow Day

It’s supposed to snow quite a bit here in Chicago over the next few days.  I’ve got some hot chocolate (and COFFEE) at the ready.  We’ve promised the kids we will build a snowman but beyond that, I’ve got nothing.  I mean, I had nothing.  That is, until I forced myself to think of five fun things we could do on a snowy weekend.  Nothing earth-shattering here, but I think these activities will help us make it through the storm.

  1. Dinner. Maybe we should mix it up by taking a snowy walk to our favorite restaurant for an early dinner? It would be nice to have the run of the place and we won’t have to get in the car.
  2. Sledding! We have a sled and with all the little ones under 5, I doubt we would need a big hill to impress them.
  3. Puzzles and board games.  Paul and I love scrabble. Emmett loves monopoly.  Isla’s usually game for one of these options. Eve, AKA the bulldozer, probably can’t participate in this portion of our hygge-weekend. But once she goes to bed, it’s on.
  4. Cookies. We WILL be baking. And therefore, mess-making.  Who cares? I’m thinking cut-out sugar cookies. With icing and all of the sprinkles and other toppings I can find in the cupboard. Followed by tea-party in the play tent or living room fort. Or under the blanket-covered dining room table with flameless candles? Yes to this. Fun! And quite possibly, disaster.
  5. Bath Play.  Our oldest resists bathtime like nothing else.  Oddly enough, once I get him in, it’s tough to get him out. He could spend hours in the bath tub. So this snowy weekend, hours it will be. I bought Isla a set of bath toys that you can dress in different outfits for her birthday.  Basically, paper dolls for the bath tub. They were such a hit. They could dress, undress and redress these guys for ages.

How about a family nap for at least 5 hours on each day? Alas, you can’t always get what you want can you? But I am going to try all of these this weekend and see what happens. Maybe one of them will become a Barry family snow day ritual.



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