James + James

I LOVE my kitchen table. People tell me that they love it too. Of course, Paul says they just tell me this to be nice. But he tells me that every time someone mentions that they like something we have, the names of our kids, or gives either of us a compliment generally. He’s a humble-thinker.  Whereas, I take things at face value. I tend to believe that if I think something is incredible, so do other people.  Which is why I want to tell you about James + James, in case you don’t know.

James + James is a custom furniture company located in Northwest Arkansas. It was created by James Smith, who started making furniture in his garage in 2011 when he was unemployed and looking for work. James Smith soon partnered with his college friend, James Eldridge. Their company has grown quickly without sacrificing the integrity of their products. Namely, handmade custom furniture.

I woud characterize their furniture as Ethan Allen meets Restoration Hardware. They’ve got a lot of “modern farmhouse” going on and a new, more industrial line of pieces. Seriously, I fantasize about being able to fill a whole house with James + James.  Maybe someday.  For now, I’m loving my kitchen table and bench from them. We initially bought the bench to use when we extended the table for parties and holidays.  But, once it arrived, we just never stopped sitting on it and loved it so much its a permanent fixture.  Benches are so kid friendly! Not only can you fit a whole bunch of them on it, but it’s easy for them to get up and down by themselves and tougher for them to tip over than a chair.

Its easy to shop James +James online just like you would a big box retailer. But, because each piece is custom made, you can also customize just about every aspect of your purchase.  If they don’t have the size or color you want online, just call and more often than not they can accomodate your request. Home delivery is available to Chicago and other major metropolitan areas.  We had a wonderful experience from start to finish and I love that our most used furniture is both American and small business made.

FYI. This post is not sponsored.  I just love James + James.

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