Conbini is Japanese for Convenience Store. Most cities in Japan have a Conbini (Konbini) on every corner. No two are exactly the same but each Conbini provides a wide range of quality products and services packed neatly into its tiny location.  Beat Conbini strives to be a corner store of stories, to provide content with a broad appeal in this little corner of the internet.

About Michelle & Paul

Michelle and Paul are based in Chicago where she practices law and he works in product development.   Paul is half-Irish and half-Filipino and Michelle is half-Japanese (and half-Irish/English). They have three four small Irish-Japanese-Filipino children who keep them on their toes.  Michelle loves to cook and tries to involve the kids whenever she can. She can be found cooking here on the blog for Paul’s family business, the Irish Boutique.  Paul loves to play soccer and is so good at karaoke that he has been known to moonlight at weddings.